Saturday, April 7, 2007

Life is a Beach

Dear classmates,

During the meeting about the grand reunion on May 9,Mike informed us that there will be some sharing about how life had been for us after 44 years.As I ponder over the many years that passed,I can only give one simple description.....Life is a beach,let me tell you why!

As a person ,I am a CORAL,constantly tested by wind,waves,storms and underwater surges of power in all aspects of my life.I fought for survival,changed and sucessfully adapted.Problems,challenges,trials made me alive,stronger,tougher and more resilient.
As the eldest in a big brood of 11,I really struggled hard to finish my BEEEd course in PNC,bacame a teacher for 10 years and changed carreer.I worked in the then NMYC now TESDA.In my new job,my horizon widened.I had many exposures,I gained many competencies as I was afforded some scholarships in some well known institutions like,Ateneo De Manila where I obtained a certificate in Career Development and Management and another certificate course from Asian Institute of Management ,Management Development Program.These blessings coupled with the help of my 2 brothers who luckily became US Navy and my other siblings who also gave their share pushed my BIG dream to improve our life.Now I am not asking for anything but good health and I am forever thankful for the people who have helped me become what I am today!They are the SEA SHEELS of my life,their hard coverings kept me warm,protected me from harm,embraced me with love and kindness.
Am still in the beach,enjoying the surges of water,the soft blow of the wind and the low and high ebb of the waves.And if someone will ask me where i would like to stay to unwind,no other place but the BEACH!!

Thank you for reading my life story,

Your Classmate,


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