Wednesday, April 25, 2007


According to Kalil Gibran, "Work is Love Made Visible " What a fitting definition ! For members of JRI Batch 1963,I know you have a story to tell regarding this.We are almost down the hill,so to speak when we talk about our work or careers 20 t0 40 years ago.The others have already retired but are still active in our other careers.It was not an easy climb...most of us worked so hard to maintain our job,we have invested so much; time, money,talents even relationships just to be happy and contented with our job.

By nature,by instinct,by personality type people regard work differently.What about you classmates? We will be happy to read your sharing,some insights and unforgettable experiences while you are at work.Let me invite you to be part of this sharing...Let me share one story that up to this time I vividly remember.

When I was stilla Science teacher at the central School in Orion,I was presenting a lesson to a grade V section 7 class.It is about how electricity flows in the series and parallel circuits;With a demo board,two battery cells and a swich,we traced the flow of current.My aim is to have my pupils differentiate the two circuits .I noticed one boy not interested,instead of looking at the demo board,he seemed to be playing with a toy.I looked at him intenly and proceeded.I continued my lesson by asking some pupils to show how the two circuits work.I again noticed the same boy not paying attention.I stopped the lesson and approached the boy with one battery cell in my right hand.I really saw RED because I was ignored so right there,I beat him in the head ,"kinatukan ko".There was no reaction from him, parang di nasaktan!!

The next day,I already had an inkling that something was brewing.Then I saw my principal,the late Mr.Guillermo Dizon with two male companions waiting for me at the porch near the Science room in Fonacier.I explained to the father of the boy what transpired and asked for apologies,I gave him my reason,I lost patience since I have already warned the boy.I told him I have 45 pupils and if one of them does not listen the others will be affected.I even compared my situation with parents who have 2-4 children losing patience sometimes.When the two men left,my principal toldme that the other man who was listening to us was the head of the NPA movement in Balut..Biglang kumabog ang dibdib ko sa takot!!I told myself,Lord that was close!!

I learned my lesson from then on...instead of counting 1 to 10 when I am beginning to lose patience,I extended it to 1-25. Even if our intention is logical ,we must also consider the emotions of others!

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orionjri said...

How well do we know the travails of being a teacher!

You are fortunate to have moved on to a job you truly enjoy.