Monday, April 30, 2007

Dinner with Karias

Napakabilis ni Lucille, nai- kuwento niya kaagad ang dinner namin last night hosted by Karias. It was really fun and productive as , aside from the laughter and the reminiscing, a sort of mini meeting was held. A possible venue for the dinner dance was also scouted but of course everything will be finalized on the May 5 meeting. Unfortunately, I will be in Dagupan by then so I will try to communicate by phone.

I am still awaiting word from Mike about the Wowowee trip on May 4 as I saw the excitement on their faces when they went to my place on the day of Karias' arrival. Some of them are already practicing the dance moves that they are going to perform at the show, not to mention the greenbacks to be donated to Willie.

We did share some jokes but I will not post it here as I am saving it for the big day. Some keywords: Dictator, ga + ga, and suffocation just to name a few. I even told them that I was imprisoned in the US just by wearing a t - shirt. Unfortunately, the shirt is emblazoned with I LOVE OSAMA. I have since burned it.

So recall all your unforgettable moments during our days at JRI and share it to everybody on the grandest reunion of all. Practice your dance moves as I heard that you can't have dinner unless you dance.( Di bale, sanay naman akong magutom, being an ex- prisoner )

see you all there! Rollie

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