Saturday, October 3, 2009

typhoon pepeng

Thank God that Pepeng will not materialize into a category 5 and changed direction. We will know for sure by tonight where it will make landfall but the forecast is the northern part of Cagayan. The rains here is not so significant but a lot of things can happen till the typhoon leaves the Philippines. Right now I'm up to my gills in relief operations via Rotary. We are focusing our efforts in our district, particularly Botolan which hasn't recovered yet from Labuyo and Undoy, and arayat which was hit by a massive landslide. We are currently poised to deliver relief goods ther again today or tomorrow.
We are very lucky here in Bataan as the effects of the Undoy and Pepeng are very minimal. I appreciate the concerns of our batchmates and anybody is welcome to help. Our people really needs help, some , particularly those who are still undere floodwaters, who may not even have Christmas.

On a lighter side, I would like to solicit ideas on the logo for our Reunion T shirt. The logo will be printed on the left breast of the t shirt, so please send your designs via this blogsite. see you in January 2010.

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