Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Batchmates, let us include in your daily prayer Mrs. Benjamina Mariano, mother of Elenita (Luna) Mariano Guiaya as she is sick and in the hospital. May she feels the healing hand of our Lord God, Jesus Christ.


lucille said...

I am offering my prayers and wishes for Luna's mom . May she be touched by God's healing hands .

ErnestoDR said...

God our Father, into your hands, we commend Mrs. Benjamina Mariano, mother of our dear batchmate Luna, that by your boundless power and unending mercy you will bless her and allow her to experience your loving presence.

Take away oh Lord what should not be in her body but restore what is good for her health. We ask this through your Son Jesus the true Healer united with You and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen!

neliaamparo said...

Luna,we will include your mother in our prayers.you have to be strong.God is so merciful,He will listen to our prayers.Just keep your faith.

We love you!

Emma Magpoc said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during these most difficult and trying times.May the power of the merciful Lord be with you and your family to keep you strong in mind and in body.May He also lay His healing hand unto your mother to ease the pain and be comforted.
Luna,I know how you feel because I was in the same condition many years ago.Just trust HIM.He knows what's best for your MOM.

JoGJMac(http://titajo.blogspot.com) said...

May our combined prayers take away the pains brought about by your mom's illness. Pains in her body and pains in your heart and that on all who care for her.

We are here for her and for all of you.

Do trust in God's infinite mercy and love.