Friday, October 16, 2009

contribution to the relief efforts for the typhoon victims

As per telcon with Pres. Mike, we have contributed P15,000 to the Sagip Kapamilya program of the ABS-CBN Foundation. This is the most efficient way of donating as they have a very effective machinery. Likewise, we can't wait for our contributions to come in as time is of the essence. Any contributions that will be collected will then go to our funds to replenish what we have given.
We in RC Orion decided that we should help our provincemates so we distributed relief goods in Barangay Almacen, Hermosa which is always under water whenever it rains and during high tides. we still continue to participate in the relief efforts in our district though. Tomorrow, we will be going to Pangasinan for another relief operations.
I would like to thank our batchmates for their concern to our poor countrymen. Let's keep up the good work.
I would also like to remind everyone to submit logo designs for our souvenir t-shirts for our upcoming reunion. That way we will have a multitude of ideas.
Thanks and God bless. Rolly.


neliaamparo said...

It's been a few days now since you have posted about our logo for the t shirts but so far no one has come up yet with any idea and our reunion is fast approaching.Last night,Luz and I were chatting and I mentioned to her that I'm having a hard time thinking of what design would be appropriate for our reunion.She suggested that why don't we just let Rolly have somebody make the design for us,something that would be meaningful,in relation to our class.So I told her that since they will have the next meeting in Nov.,to tell Rolly about it,if it won't be too much for him,since he's busy with the relief efforts for the typhoon victims.
This is only a suggestion. Or,Rolly,since you are good in drawing as what P2 had mentioned during our meeting,why don't you just design it for us.That way it would really be more meaningful would be created by one of us.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Nelia, good suggestion.