Saturday, May 2, 2009

Meeting About the Reunion of the Decade

This is to update you,batch mates about the meeting for our reunion.Twelve batch mates were present in the meeting called by Rollie. It was held at Violeta Cordero's house this afternoon. As expected ,we exchanged news...I shared with them the photos taken during my trip .
We discussed the various pre-reunion preparations to be undertaken and created committees to take charge of the tasks for the activities. Here are some suggestions:

* Activities:
Day 1 Jan.17-- Picnic with Families at Mans Forest Resort in Limay.
Assembly: 9:am, Violeta's Residence
Food : Potluck by Group ,the Food Committee will assign the food
to be brought.
Program : Games, Special Numbers, Balik-Tanaw sa High School Days
Day 2 Jan.18 --Overnight Stay at Raven Resort,Abucay. A Cook-out is ideal.
Day 3 Jan.19---Dinner Dance (Semi-Formal)
We will invite two dance instructors (DI)

* Others:
T-Shirts with the appropriate print will be provided to batchmates for the
attire for the picnic.

Souvenir items like mugs with the appropriate design for our batch
will be sold. The proceeds of which will go to our funds.

Car- pooling for the transport to venues.

An anticipated thanksgiving mass on Saturday Jan.16 at 5:30 pm will be

A bimonthly regular meeting will be held to follow up status of
assigned tasks to the committees.

* Committees

Food :Violet, Siony,Lagrimas,Julita, Lucing
Program/Invitation : Emma, Luz,Julie, Aida
Venue/Accomodations: Rollie, Joey
Transport : Fredo, Ramon
Finance/ : Belen, Rosa, Eling, Ofelia,Mercy
Prizes : Balikbayan Batchmates

The delicious "palidosdos" prepared by Violeta and the ever funny jokes of
Fredo made this meeting another moment to remember.


Mike said...

Thank you Lucille for posting this meeting about the Reunion of the Decade of our batch 1963. I'm also extending my gratitude to Pareng Rolly who initiated the meeting and to all who attended the meeting. I want also to take this opportunity to call our other batch mates in the Philippines and especially here in abroad to give their suggestions if they have any so that a month before the reunion all activities would be already okey.

See you guys in the Reunion of the Decade on Jan. 17, 18, & 19, 2010.

neliaamparo said...

WOW, masyadong exciting!

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Luz thank you so much for this info. The more I became excited to be home and see you guys.

ErnestoDR said...

Thank you batchmates for the early planning!
It certainly bespeaks of your genuine concerns and eager anticipation of the Reunion of the Decade!
If my memory serves me right, we are looking at Sunday-Tuesday celebration (17-19 Jan 2009). That would be awesome!
My only concern is that some, if not many of us coming from afar will need to stay longer after spending the Christmas holidays, i.e. I will be arriving on Dec. 14, 2009 and have to come back after Jan 19. I may not have enough leave from work to stay that long.
Is it possible to move the reunion two (2) weeks earlier?
Just a thought.