Monday, March 16, 2009

Part 2 March 13 Reunion


Third Stop: Sta.Barbara Wharf

We had our lunch at the Sta Barbara Wharf, a nice tourist spot. It is a place between beautiful mountains and the sea.It provides a panoramic view of the place with sea gulls flying in the sky.

Fourth Stop: Sta Barbara Mission
We arrived at the place around 4 pm and we were so lucky because we were allowed to see the Museum of Natural History for free. We were awed by the vast collections, from minerals, butterflies, birds ,animals, crystals to rocks.which were owned by the Anerican Indians.

At Solvang ,California

The last leg of our tour was at the Danish Community at Solvang, California where one can experience the ambiance of Norway,Sweden amd the Netherlands.There are real windmills, Norwegian restaurants,souvenir shops and other sights which seem to bring you to another land... many people were kind enough to volunteer taking our pictures. A funny joke about this gesture brought smiles on our lips, because if we were in the Philippines we will not be trusting strangers with our cameras.Would you?

There are more photos,we will be posting them later.Thank you Batch mates for sharing our joy in this once in a lifetine event. Next reunion will be with Annie&Eddie, Mike, Pilar and hopefully other Batch'63 in the East coast. Most of all our thanks to Nelia.


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Thanks for posting all those beautiful pictures. Enjoy your trip. Rgards and take care.

lucille said...


I hope you can join me,Annie and Eddie at Mike's place on Easter Sunday.
Please do.