Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 13 Mini reunion (Part 1)


Just when everyone thought Friday the 13th is an unlucky day proved otherwise to us,Josie,Fely,me and our gracious host, Nelia. We really painted the town "Red" .so to speak. The bienvenida/despedida tendered by Nelia was so much fun . We traveled from Oxnard to Sta Barbara and Solvang, California in the brand new BMW 300 series ,with her as our driver !

The pictures were taken at Nato and Zeny Javier's residence in Oxnard were Fely and Josie are presently staying. My sister's residence is just some blocks we started our escapade from there.

First Stop : Best Buy Store along Oxnard Road where Fely bought a digital camera and to test how it works, we posed in front and at the back of the car.Who says "only the young can be camera shy"

Second Stop: Orchids Showrooms at Sta. Barbara

We discovered Nelia's penchant with orchids ...she knows the dates when International Orchids Shows are scheduled. See how our Senior Beauties competed with the orchids !

Wait for Part 2,batch mates !

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neliaamparo said...

Luz,good job,ang gaganda ng kuha,naluma ang mga orchids.Siguradong magaganda pa ang mga susunod na pics.I'm really happy that the three of you had a good time.I wish we could do that again.I had a good time too,ito ang sinasabing money can't buy,nabawasan na naman ang mga wrinkles natin.Jo was right these memories will last us a lifetime.
So,enjoy the rest of your vacation,marami kang ikukuwento sa batchmates natin pagbalik mo.