Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pearl's Flower Shop on All Saint's Day

Here are photos of Perlita in her Flower Shop today The third photo is quite dark,I was with my "apo".Business is brisk today and when I went there she is so busy arranging flowers which she sell at various arrangement of orchids costs Php500,Malaysian mumps ,from Php 200 to 400 and a big one with stand is Php800. She is awaiting some batchmates to buy flowers from her.

I hope to see some batchmates in the Cemetery or in the Memorial Park this afternoon.


Ed Benjamin said...

Now at least we know where to order flowers for special occasions. Do you provide discounts for senior citizens? Ha! ha! (I'm only serious) Congratulations on your business and wish you all the best and continuos blooming (pardon the pun) success! Annie and I are smelling the roses, Pearl. Take care.

ErnestoDR said...

This is more like it! Flowers from Pearl's Flower Shop!
Brisk business during special occassions.
Is ther anyone from the batch getting married? You are in the right shop!

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Luz, thanks again for posting Perlita's business. Mana sa nanay niya negosyante. How's her store in the public market? Is it still going on? Imagine she was able to think of this kind of business. Malakas ito tuwing November 1 at pag may ikakasal. Ernie, you'll never know one time we will have batchmates who will be getting married for the first time, second time, third time.

lucille said...


Perlita has transferred her goods from the public market to her new store .
By the way, why did'nt you post your pictures and your winning Halloween costume in our blog? It is a nice picture.
Those who promised to send me their articles for posting have not done so...I hope this weekend I can gather them so I could fulfill my promise to keep on blogging.
I had a nice chat with Fely Reyes,last week. She shared her teaching woes with the kids in her school...ang sarap daw pagsasakalin at grabe sa tigas ng ulo!