Saturday, November 1, 2008


The following comments were heard from a Sunday homily. I’d like to share it with the group.

A retired couple from the Midwest made a tour in the holy land Jerusalem, in the early spring. They traveled with a bunch of senior citizens from all over the US, so they felt like at home
meshing with the locals and foreigners alike. This particular day they made a lot of walking throughout the area, where they believe Jesus was born. Unfortunately, the man collapsed with an apparent heart attack. Attended at a local hospital, the man could not be revived and was pronounced dead with a grieving wife at his bedside. Needless to say, a priest officiated his last rites, followed by a grief counselor to make arrangements for his final journey. The widower was asked where would she like her husband buried. In between tears and incoherent gestures, she said, “ I’d like to take the body back to the US to be buried." The counselor said that this kind of arrangement was the most sensible answer. However, in view of all the logistics involved, from the local funeral agent, dressing up, and making arrangement for a flight with a dead body, the counselor politely offered the widow another option. Lady, if I may be so practical, I would like to offer you these facts. Handling your husband’s body through the funeral parlor, clearing through the customs, and putting him on a plane will cost you anywhere from 5,500 – 6,000 US DOLLARS. This does not include other incidental costs once you get back to America. However, you have another option. You may choose to bury your beloved husband here in Jerusalem. This will only cost you around 1500 dollars. All the standard amenities are included. Viewing, mass, and burial at a local cemetery, all included. The widower, calm and collective, looked at the counselor and said, “Thank you for your concern. But I’d rather take my husband back in the US, and pay all the extra expenses to make this happen. You see, I’m aware of your history here. About two thousand years ago, a man died here and was buried almost exactly where you want my husband interned. But three days later, he came back to lifeThanks, but NO THANKS.”

(Smile, if you dare)

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ha ha ha ha hi hi hi. Thanks for making me laugh this morning.