Friday, June 10, 2011

A visit to Mok and family.

Today I visited Mok and Cora at their daughter's house in Sherman Oaks.I saw Julian who is only a few days old and he is very cute,they said he looks like his Dad.That's why he is so cute he doesn't look like the grandpa,only kidding Mok.The pix will follow as I haven't downloaded it yet.Anyway Grace's house is very nice and cute and they are still in the process of renovation but as of now it looks so nice already.Anyway we went to El Toreto and had some Mexican food.I have to go to work so we only had a short time chatting but we enjoyed every minute of it including getting lost which may be caused by the margarita that I had,either that or natiyanak kami.We were so close to the house already but we couldn't find it,I had to call Grace.Cora wants me to go back before they leave,she will cook some Pilipino food,and I said I'll wait till Rollie arrives,maybe we can go together with Fely and Meling.I will try to call Luna also.

This is all for now,have a nice day everyone.

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