Monday, June 6, 2011

A little joke.

My dear classmates,

After all the heartaches that we have been through lately,i think we deserve to put a little smile on our faces.I came from church today and the Pilipino priest said this joke during mass.

There was a woman who took her child to the priest to be baptized.The priest asked her what name she wanted for the child.She said ,Honda,the priest said,but it's a name of a car.The woman said,don't worry about it father,I named the 1st one,Mercedes and I have 5 kids,the 2nd one is Ford ,the 3rd is Ram , the 4th is Beattle,and the youngest is Honda.The priest then asked,what would you like me to baptize your child with,Diesel or Premium?

Here's another one from the same priest:

There was a sick man in a hospital who was visited by his friend who is a priest.When the priest came to visit him,he was surrounded by his relatives,he was in a respirator.The patient couldn't talk but he could write.While the priest was by his side he asked for a pen and a piece of paper.After writing, he handed it to the priest and the priest put it in his pocket without reading it.After that ,the patient died.While saying the prayers at the graveside,the priest remembered that his friend had given him a note, so he took it from his pocket and read it aloud.It said,father you stepped on the oxygen tubing.No wonder he died.Poor guy.

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