Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mini reunion with Ernie and Brenda


ErnestoDR said...

Hi Nel,
You seem to be the point person for all our batchmates visiting LA and vicinity. It looks like it is becoming your "area of responsibility".
I wish I could visit you someday and relish the delectable dishes that always show in your blog, and which stimulate my gustatory system.
Anyway, enjoy and keep healthy!

neliaamparo said...


Why don't you and Cecile come and visit LA.Luds wanted to come also she has never been here before so maybe we can plan a mini reunion also in the future.If you want we're going to Mok's daughter's place in July,most probably July 21st,before they go back to Australia.That would be fun.

Please send my warm regards to Cecile and the kids.Take care and God Bless.