Monday, April 25, 2011

Photos....Batch Dinner April 19

The dinner was sponsored by Mike and Josie.We enjoyed the steamed tilapia, halabos na hipon, alimasag, nilagang ampalaya okra talong ,adobo ,pancit and halo-halo. We enjoyed the antics of Fredo, Terry and Rollie's jokes. Pres. Mike was in his usual jolly self. The boys that were there include Butch,Leonardo Cruz Perting, Renato ,Ramon while the ladies present were Mercy, Lucy, Emma, Violeta, Julie, Belen, Aida,Rosa,Carmen, Ofelia . On the 26th, the boys will sponsor the dinner at Butch place in Sta. Ana and on the 30th , a lunch tendered by the birthday celebrators from Jan to April at Emma's Kubo sa Bukid in Araro. As always, it will be fun fun, fun !

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