Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Deepest Symphaty

To Josie Javier Macalua and Family, as you grieve know that we are remembering you and honoring the memory of your father, Tatay Pedring.

Batchmates , Josie's father died 4 pm today.Please offer prayers for him . His remains lie at their residence in Wawa .


C C ramirez said...

Our deepest and most profound sympathy to you, Josie, and the rest of the family.

A life well and long lived, a lifetime of sterling love and honorable achievements, your father had run his race with dignity and integrity rarely equalled in his and our generations.

He has deservedly earned his peaceful rest.

Take heart that he knew he had done his very best and that he had been loved just as much as he had loved you and all who had been privileged to know him.

Farewell to a wonderful father, a great human being, a true gentleman, a real man. The world is the poorer for having lost him, yet the richer for his legacy of goodness.

And to you and yours, solace and peace.

Our thoughts are with you.

Ed Benjamin said...

Josie, please accept our sincerest condolence in Kuya Pedring's passing. May he rest in peace under our Holy Father's eternal kingdom. We offer our prayer for your beloved Itay, and we asked our almighty Father that the Javier family be granted strength during these sad moments, comfort and solace knowing he lived a long life; we asked for hope and faith that his great legacy will forever remain in the hearts of his wife, Ate Delia and children. Dear God, we asked all of these in your holy name, Amen.

With deepest sympathy,

Eddie and Annie

neliaamparo said...

Dearest Jo and Family:

I join our batchmates in extending our most sincere sympathy in the passing of your beloved Itay Pedring.While it's true that losing a loved one is very difficult,we must be comforted by the fact that he is now in peace and enjoying the presence of our Lord.No more pains and sufferings.May God give you and the whole family strength and courage at this most difficult time.

Take care my friend,always remember that we all love you.

felynr said...


From the entire family to yours, our deep sympathy and condolence.

Losing someone so dear is painful and hurts so much, I know, but this one calls for a "celebration in the heart".

Don't grieve. Tiyo Pedring had the rare privelege to a long well-lived journey thru this life.

He left a legacy you can always look back to with great fondness .
Memories of unselfish care,devotion and love to the family, his friends and all who he met along the way. He toiled, persevered with extreme resurcefulness,vision and patience and he succeeded. He gave his all the best way he could.

You, Nato, Tessie, Edna, and James are the shining fruits of this labor.

He deserves this peaceful rest.

May you all continue in God's grace and be given the comfort you need.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Fely and the rest of the Reyes family