Friday, April 29, 2011


On a cloudy Monday morning, Annie and I stop by Nelia's place for a short visit. It was brief but sweet stop over coming from San Diego. Nelia treated us to a nice lunch at one of the local eateries, (Mimi's Cafe ) on her way to work. We managed to drop her off, and even gave us a quick tour inside the lab. If we were not in such a rush, I would have volunteered to have my cholesterol level checked. We made a deal to visit her again, next month. See you then, Nel! Thanks for a great lunch, and the nice time we've had.

Needed to burn off those calories from lunch? How about a quick stop at a local department store? Burn those calories, burn!

With Nelia's nephew, Michael.

Hurry up with our orders, please! We're hungry, can't you tell?

Love those colorful outfits, Ladies!

Bye, Nel! See you next month, you hear?


lucille said...

Hi Ed,the pictures reflect the happiness of people in the reunion of sorts. It always warm the heart visiting friends.
Thanks for the post, at least there is another blogger in our page I have been monopolizing the blogsite for the past 3 months.Most contributors were busy while the others cannot open the site because they forgot their passwords...Senior moments!
I hope you and Annie are doing great.

neliaamparo said...

Thanks for posting Eddie,yes I will add the ones that are not in your camera.Nice shots.Regards to Annie and I will be waiting for you in May.Maybe me and Annie can do more shopping.I like the ones that I got.See you soon.