Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update on Meling's successful bypass surgery

Hello everyone,greetings from Alta Loma Ca.I know that everybody is eager to know the outcome of Meling's bypass surgery.But first of all,Fely would like to extend her most sincere thanks for all the prayers that you have offered to Meling and also for her. This is another trying moment in one of our dear classmates.But somehow because of our strong faith,hope and trust in God we manage to pull through this most difficult times.

The surgery started at 6 am this morning comprised of the best surgical team in San Antonio Community hospital.We have learned that the heart surgeon is the best in the hospital,his cardiologist is one of the best and also the anaesthesiologist.So, that was a big comfort for Fely and the rest of the family.Not to mention that this hospital is also one of the best in the area including the staff.I talked to Fely at 11 am but the surgery was still going on.She had an update though from one of the OR nurses that everything was going well.At 4 pm I called Fely again and by that time they had just brought Melingback from surgery.She told me that everything was ok but she did not stay for a long time in the room since she was scared he will catch some infection.As expected so many tubings were hanging and he was well covered but was not awake yet.There is a nurse by his side for the whole 24 hours and in the 2nd day there will be 2 nurses,one to help help him get up.So,we can imagine that he is well taken cared of.According to the doctor,he can go home after 7 days and after that he will be going for therapy.So,let's continue to pray for his speedy recovery and hope that there will be no complications.

This is all for now,I'll give you more updates as the days progress.

I love you all.


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Nelia thank you so much for the update regarding Meling's surgery. It is one blessings that you there near Fely. I will continue praying for Meling's speedy recovery and for Fely to have full strength at this time. Regards and Take care. God Bless.

jriclass1963 said...

Our thoughts are with Fely in thisese trying times. We are all praying for Meling's speedy recovery.

neliaamparo said...

Larps,I think everything has been planned by God.He happened to find a job very close to my place because of that reason,so that Fely will have somebody close to her to be by her side.She was just telling me that It's nice that I'm here because it's so hard to be by herself with nobody to talk to in the hospital.I'm so happy that I'm able to give her some moral support.

lucille said...

Yes Nelia, as always you are the ever helpful person. Thank you for all the updates and tell Fely we are happy for the successful surgery. God will always be her strength.