Wednesday, September 1, 2010


EZRA SEBASTIAN CUEVAS, Pilar’s third grandson (apo), was baptized at Saint Joseph Church in Baltimore, Maryland, Saturday, August 28th.
Reception followed the christening, at Dondy and Michelle’s residence. The buffet includes kare kare, (bagoong on the side) imbutido,pancit malabon, fresh lumpia, shanghai lumpia, and rice. The dessert line includes suman saliya, tapioca, fresh fruits, bibingka, chocolate cake, palitaw and peche peche. The grand occasion not only allowed us to meet Larp’s mom (forgive my shabby memory, cannot remember all their names) plus her siblings, a grand total of seven (7). What a great family!
But did I mention the abundance of scrumptious food? I lost count of my trip back to the buffet, after the second time. But after the consumption of hundreds of calories, one of Pilar’s sister initiated line dancing throughout the afternoon. How long does it take to burn xxx number of calories by shaking your booties? I will not get into that, for my own safety. But it was a great balance between burning calories by dancing, and the food consumed before the aerobics! Isn’t life grand?
Annie and I left around 4:30 PM with big smiles and appreciation to Pilar and family for having us. Anyone who has driven a vehicle on a sunny afternoon with a full stomach can relate to this. It was fun and challenging (to stay awake) to say the least. A great time was had by all! Thanks, Larps! And big hugs to the latest addition, Ezra Sebastian Cuevas.

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Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Dear and Ed and Annie,

Dondy and Michelle are sending you their thanks for coming in the Baptizm of their second son Ezra Sebastian. I also thank God that we see each other again in good health. Ed thank you for this wonderful posting. I enjoyed that day that we were together. Regards and God Bless.


neliaamparo said...


Please send my congratulations to Dondy and Michelle on their 3rd child Ezra Sebastian,what a unique name.The last time I saw Dondy and Michelle,she was pregnant with her 1st baby,how time flies.I'm so glad that Eddie and Annie were there to share your celebration.

Please send my regards to the whole family.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...


Dondy and Michelle said thank you daw. Oo kilala ka pa nga nila. Ezra means Hebrew high priest. Sana magpare ano. Regards and take care. God Bless.

lucille said...

Eddie's description of the affair was so vivid.Even from afar,thousands of miles away,I can feel the enjoyment of everyone who were there at the party. I am so happy too that the bond of friendships continue to grow within us trough sharing our own family events. I cannot ask for more. Pilar send my wishes to all the family.