Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2 nd day of Melings's surgery

Hello again,

As promised,here's another update on Melings's surgery.By the way 4 arteries were bypassed.I went to the hospital before I went to work but Meling just fell asleep so I didn't have a chance to talk to him.Fely was not there yet bec her nephew who's supposed to take her to the hosp. had a car accident on their way home from the hospital last Sunday.The car was totalled but luckily they only had bruises,nothing serious,he was with his mom(Meling's cousin).So he drove Fely to the hospital on a rental car earlier today .Fortunately one of Fely's friend is lending her one of their cars ,so that worked out good.

On my way home from work,i came by the hosp.I wasn't able to talk to Meling bec. he just fell asleep.Fely told me that he is very restless probably bec. of the effect of the anaesthesia.He is undergoing dialysis right now bec. his kidney is not functioning very well.But they will stop it in the morning and hopefully the kidney will start functioning.Other than that everything is ok.He's breathing on his own and all the tubings were taken out.His complain is being so tired from lying down,he's not used to it,gusto nang bumangon.

I will give you an update again for any developements on Meling's condition.Fely told me again to express her thanks to all of you who tirelessly and continuously praying for Meling's speedy recovery.


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Nelia, thanks again for the update. May God continue to touch Meling with God's healing hand and give full strength to Fely and family. Yes, God is good all the time. God is giving you task to help others especially helping our extended family, our batchmates. God will bless you for your good work. I will continue praying for Meling, Fely and you. God Bless.

Ed Benjamin said...

Thanks, Nelia for the medical feedback. We are glad to hear about Meling's slowly but surely, progress to his recovery. Our thoughts and best wishes to Fely and Meling. And thank you, Nelia for the quick updates. Your selfless efforts and act of kindness will never go unnoticed. God bless.
All the best,
Annie and Ed

Emma Magpoc said...

Dear Nelia,
At last I have time to sit down for our blog.Fred and I were so worried when we learned about kaps condition.I was always asking Dave about his dad and whats going on.My other worry is Fely but when I learned from Luz that you were there with fely during those trying times,when we here couldnt do anything but pray,I said God is really good.Thank you Nelia for doing the task for us.Ingat ka rin ha.
To Fely,rest assure we continue to pray for Meling.Sabihin mo sa kanya ang aming pangungumusta at ang wish to get well soon.God is so good that when it happen you are there where you will not worry about health care and the expertise of the medical people.Be strong my friend.Knowing you I know you can do it.Fred,Zeny TessieTony and I willcontinue to pray for him and will be looking forward to see you again.

neliaamparo said...

I'm so thankful to God also that he found a job close to my place,at first Fely was reluctant to let him work here in Alta Loma but Meling liked it here when he saw the place the first time they came for the interview.But the bottomline is it's God who arranged everything.Don't worry about me Emma I was made for this kind of tasks and I'm happy to do it.I will tell Fely that you posted in the blog and I tell her every message that you guys send and she is very thankful for all the prayers and thoughtfulness. from all of you.It means a lot to her and to Meling.Finally nakausap ko na si Meling pero sandali lang kasi nakatulog uli.Tuloy pa rin ang dialysis niya dahil hindi pa nila na aatain yung desired kidney function.Nararamdaman na niya ang sakit ngayon kahit may pain killer,nawawala na kasi ang effect ng anaesthesia,pati likod daw niya ay masakit.Let us continue to pray for him and for Fely. Yes we will see each other again come 2013.Take care of yourselves guys,that's the only way we'll see each other again.