Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Unpleasant News about the Sister of Pres. Mike

I got an email from Nelia late this afternoon. She shared that she got a phone call from our President, Mike Cruz who shared about his sister in Navotas whose house was among the 200 houses gutted by fire this week. Nilda is among our batch in Orion Elementary School. The family of Nilda was not able to save anything .

This blog is launching an appeal on behalf of Mike's sister and her family. Your much vaunted generosity and love can help ease the pain and the hardships that one of our extended family now suffers. Let us pull together. Please. Your donations may be sent to Lucille (Philippines), to Mike (USA) or to me (Australia). All suggestions on how else we can help are most welcome. CR

Update 24 July 2010

On behalf of Mike and his family, heartfelt thanks to those who have so far responded to our appeal. Special thanks to Pilar for her selfless efforts to contact our US based batchmates. And to those who have sent in or pledged their donations, thank you all so much. We realise that in this economically challenged time it is a big big ask to share what little we may have but this - in foul weather- is when true friendship, mateship, love is tested.


orionjri said...

Our commiseration to Nilda and family.

Do they have insurance cover?

Is the Batch able to come to their aid?

What about it, Batch 63? We generously did it before for people we did not know via Gawad Kalinga. A misfortune has visited our extended family. Charity is needed at home.Shall we heed the call?

lucille said...

I am not sure if the property is insured.It is not the usual practice here.
Nelia and Edita has given their aid to Mike . Batch '63 will surely heed the call.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Dear batchmates,

The poor of the world teach us so much about human dignity, about justice and about loving our neighbor. When the stresses of everyday life overwhelm us, remember those people who struggle daily for survival. Let us take advantage of opportunities to help them when our blessigs are abundant. Lucky that we have job, lucky that we are retired and receiving pension, lucky that we are not sick, lucky that we have shelter and food on our table and most of all lucky na hindi natin nararanasan ang hirap ng mga taong nasunugan na nakikitira sa kamaganak o sa ilalaim ng isang tenant. We are one family. Let us help the family of Nilda, the sister of our batchmate, Mike. Any amount small or big make a difference.