Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Heartfelt Condolences

Our condolences to Nanding Sto. Domingo and his family for the death of his brother Florito who passed away last July 5. The body lies in state at Evergreen Memorial chapel and will be interred on Saturday July 10. Batch 63 will be there on Friday July 9.


orionjri said...

Our blog was created to connect us, Batchmates, to one another, to share significant moments in our lives; to be there for one another as needs be, much like we promised as we married our chosen partners, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer,... till death do us part. And this connection the blogpage seems to be able to sustain somehow, in defiance of the tyranny of distance.

Lately however, the Batch has been terribly bloodied, bashed by unrelenting grief. The loss of our loved ones cuts deeply. The searing pain is almost unbearable. And there has been one too many deaths recently.

Our sincerest thoughts are with you all who have recently suffered the irredeemable loss of your loved ones. The tears are of the heart for we have all personally suffered this savage grief.

It is our most fervent hope that you know we truly share and feel your pain, that we ache and mourn with you; that your loss is ours, too. Just like you shared ours.

We may not be there with you in body but we reach out to you through distance with our minds and hearts to cry with you, to comfort you and to farewell our departed family. Till we meet them all again. And we will.

ErnestoDR said...

We are all but leaves in a family tree. Each clings to the bow. But as we pass the autumn season of our lives, one by one we begin to fall.
This is the reality of life. Our turn will come!
But be consoled to the fact that we share each other's life even beyond.
We sympathize with Narding, and with the rest of our batchmates who suffered the loss of their loved ones. Our prayers are with you!
Josie, we will view the wake at Evergreen through cyberspace, right?

JoGJMac( said...

i'm so touched by your and cora's messages. what more can i say? we feel the loss, we feel the pain; but as long as we hold on to each other, everything will be fine.

na-late ako ng pag-log on sa evergreen. ang nakita ko na lang ay si nanding, natutulog sa sofa; nagbantay sa kapatid, for the last time. nakaka- touch rin.