Monday, August 18, 2008

To my JRIORIONBATCH1963 Family...A sharing of joy - Marc Hil & Sharmaine Miguel - Macalua

Thanks so much for the warm greetings for our son, Marc Hil and our new daughter-in-law, Sharmaine, on the occasion of their wedding last August 9 at the historic San Agustin Church in Intramuros.

That post in our blog by Ms. OrionJri, on behalf of our batch, made the event more meaningful, because it came from you, folks, whom I care for so deeply.

It was a beautiful wedding, as all weddings are. God blessed us with a very fine weather, so the invitees, coming all the way from the U.S., Bataan, Tarlac, Leyte, Cebu, Batangas, Nueva Ecija, Metro Manila, and other places, were able to make it to the affair.

Amidst all the frenzy of the wedding preparations, everything went on smoothly, with the professional touch provided by an event's managing group, GEMBSO EVENTS, headed by its very competent founder/coordinator-manager, Majella.

The gowns, from the bride to the flower girls, were amazing creations done by Ninang Alice. Most of the body measurements were only emailed to her. I really marveled at her expertise, for no alterations were needed when we tried them on. The color motif was the very unlikely combination of blue and brown. Marc's favorite color is his alma mater's Ateneo blue, while Sharm's wardrobe is mostly in various shades of brown. Ninang Alice chose the fabrics in the perfect hues, that complemented each other. The gowns were done along simple but very elegant style. No wonder, because Ninang Alice prepared the wedding trosseau with 'tender loving care.'

Sharm's wedding gown was in a darker shade of beige, with chantilly lace for the bolero, and a detachable train held on by a giant bow along her tiny waistline. The hemline is in the current style craze called bubbles.
She was covered from head to toe with an illusion tulle that extended many yards along the red carpet as she walked down the aisle of the San Agustin Church. "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue"
"The heirloom set of diamond jewelries given by her mom, her wedding gown, her fan , her torquise high-heeled wedding shoes." Sharm's hair and make-up were done by Nerrie, a friend who provides the beauty needs of some of the more popular socialites and showbiz personalities. Nerrie did everything for free. It was her wedding gift for the couple.

Sharm's bouquet was a rounded style of different kinds of flowers and flowerettes in a profusion of colors, but predominantly in my favorite yellow color.

Marc wore a tuxedo, custom made by Frankie de Leon, a Makati couture. I'm glad that he chose to wear one because he looks better in a tux than in a Barong Tagalog, probably because of his built. All the other coat and pants and the blue neckties were done by the same couturier. The male members of the entourage wore buttonnaires of carnation/ rosebuds on their lapel.

Two of our priest friends from Florida,U.S.A. and Leyte flew in for the wedding ceremony. Rev. Fr. Gerald T. Alcantara, who co-celebrated the mass and gave the beautiful homily, and Rev. Fr. Arnold M. Aurillo, who officiated in the wedding rites.

We had to smile tlll our jaws got tired, because the ten photographers of East Digital Photography were clicking their cameras like mad. It was not easy, because we had to do that since we started dressing up at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza where we were billeted, till the end of the cocktails and wedding reception at the One Esplanade Events' Center, near the Mall of Asia in Roxas Boulevard.

Catering was by Josiah's - a very good choice. From the superb cuisine, to the personalized service, from the venue furniture and decor to the carved-ice Ateneo eagle centerpiece. Ms. Jet, the proprietress, treated us like family from day one, giving in to all our whims and fancy. To top it all, she did not charge for the extra 25 pax, outside the 230 pax that we booked for the reception.

Deviating from tradition, there were no wedding give aways. The budget for them was donated by Marc and Sharm's to their favorite charity.

The wedding drama...
Of course, this mother of the groom shed tears, when her son, held her hand so tight, tears welling up in his eyes, as Sharm was walking down the aisle. Also when he had to stop in the middle of his marriage vows, not able to speak anymore, all choked up and overwhelmed with happiness, after saying, :Sharm, you are my childhood dream, come true." They were all tears of joy, because I felt how happy my son was. What a grace to marry one's true love! My son got that divine grace.

We are so happy, too, that he married to a family who also adored him. A family who accepted him sincerely, the way that we welcome Sharm to ours.

They are having a delayed honeymoon in the U.S. in November, when Marc goes there for their company's bi-annual business planning.

So instead of our 4M's (Myra, Marc, MicMac, & MonMon), we now have 6 children with our 2 in-laws, (Ian and Sharm). It's true that in marriage, one gains children, not lose them. We will wait patiently for a little Macalua from Marc and Sharm, so our only apo, Iya, will have a first cousin. BUT THAT IS ANOTHER STORY, FOLKS.


neliaamparo said...

Dear Jo,
Thank you so much for sharing this very special occasion with your batchmates.I felt like we are a member of your family and that the way you described everything in detail,it seemed like I was there when it was all happening.It was a very beautiful and memorable occasion.They are one of the lucky ones.And I truly believe that true love is a gift from heaven,that's why it never dies.

Once again,congratulations to Marc Hil and Sharmaine.We wish you all the good things that this world can offer.Good luck and God Bless.

All my Love,


JoGJMac said...

Thanks for your wishes for the newlyweds.

Marriage takes three not two. May the third one, GOD, be always at the center of ther lives.

Please include them in your prayers, that their married life be a blessed one.


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Jo thanks for sharing your joy during the wedding day of your son Marc to Sharmaine. I wish that our Lord God grant them good health, wealth and happiness througout their marriage life.

Is there any news regarding your interview. Please let me know.

Love and miss you.

JoGJMac said...

maraming, maraming salamat, LARPI! surely, marc and sharm would be needing a lot of prayers for their marriage to work out.

we're targeting 2009 at the earliest or 2011 at the latest for you know what. 2008 is just too soon for us.

lucille said...


As I was reading your narration of the wedding,I felt I was reading a Fantasy wedding..!! You have described not only the visible details but also those that only the heart can see. Though I am not a mother, I can feel how happy everyone is . To the newly-weds my prayers and wishes for eternal bliss.And to you Jo and Pete, my congratulations for being the best parents.


JoGJMac said...

You are truly a friend, for you are able to 'see' my heart. YES, I'm so happy with the union, because Marc and Sharm are truly in love with each other. What can be happier than marrying the' love of your life?' They were sweethearts for 5 long years, which ended beautifully before the altar.

Thanks for being happy for the newlyweds and us, too.

Di naman kami the best parents, but we were gifted with good children. And we are very thankful to HIM for that.

Love you, my friend.