Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shame! Bleating SHAME!

Couples for Christ row far from over - CBCP

MANILA, Philippines - A year after it started, the legal woes of the Couples for Christ (CFC) continue to rage, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines lamented Sunday.

In an article on its website

, the CBCP said the bone of contention now involves the organization's copyrighted moniker, making the matter a legal battle in court.Couples for Christ Inc., which stemmed from a religious movement that began in the Philippines in 1981, has sued for trademark infringement four organizations that use the CFC tag.

The Couples for Christ chapter based in West Palm Beach, Florida, has three registered US trademarks, including "Couples for Christ," "CFC," and a stylized cross design. The organization provides educational services and religious and relationship counseling to couples and individuals, according to an Aug. 1 complaint filed in Los Angeles federal court.

Couples for Christ USA of Renton, Washington; Couples for Christ-Nor Cal, of Modesto, California; and Couples for Christ USA Southern California are all accused of infringing on the trademarks, the CBCP said.

It cited court papers indicating Couples for Christ Inc. claimed it repeatedly asked the defendants to quit using the marks, but they have repeatedly refused.The organization asked the court to order the defendants to quit using the marks and for unspecified money damages. It is asking that the damages be tripled to punish the defendants for their acts of infringement.

Edward Schwartz, Thomas Daily and Steven Lauridsen of Pasadena, California's Christie, Parker & Hale represent Couples for Christ. Earlier this year, the Couples for Christ was rocked by an internal dispute that spilled over to the Securities and Exchange Commission and courts in the Philippines.The parties involved included the Couples for Christ Foundation Inc. of Frank Padilla and the Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation identified with Gawad Kalinga's Frank Meloto.

While the SEC ruled in favor of Padilla's group, Meloto's camp vowed to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court. - GMANews.TV.

Couples for Christ row far from over - CBCP

Hey, what do they call themselves? What religion do they profess to practise?

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