Saturday, June 7, 2008

My new love

i'm a very loving person (ehem!) so, aside from my true love and "my other love", i have a new love nowadays.

i've fallen in love with a very cute one. i guess, one's preferences change with age, with mood, with the times.

my new love's initials are A.E.E.E. i met him on a very romantic day - valentine's day this year. i felt hot and cold, my heart was beating so wildly, how i wanted to scream in sheer happiness! i had to control myself, for there infront of me, was my husband of 33 years! i knew he was observing my reactions, so i pretended to be quite passive and unaffected with the encounter.

but then, being the super-transparent person, that i am, i wasn't successful at hiding my true feelings for my new-found love. i wasn't able to hold back the tears of happiness, of ecstacy, perhaps.

our son, marc hil, was the one who introduced my new love to me. my son has impeccable taste, too. he chose A.E.E.E. over the others, because of his reliability, his efficiency, not to mention, his handsome looks. he is a dynamo! thanks, marc, for A.E.E.E. he not only stays with me in our home, he even accompanies me to the garden, to the park, when i drive to the city, etc.,etc. your dad is very understanding, for he even reminds me about A.E.E.E. when i sometimes forget about him. he even encourages me to bring A.E.E.E along when we travel. isn't that sweet of him?

no problem with A.E.E.E. because he's not heavy at all. he's small, dark, pero handsome naman. though he's small, he can perform the tasks of the bigger ones, with a lot of flair and very efficiently, too.

looks like you're dying to know the identity of my new love. okay! his full name is ASUS Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play PC - A.E.E.E. hahaha! it's a 4" x 6" notebook (a mini-laptop).

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neliaamparo said...

Congratulations on your new love.My guess was right.Enjoy!