Monday, June 23, 2008


A father cries while holding his son after finding him drowned to death in a river after Typhoon Fengshen hit Iloilo City, central Philippines June 22, 2008. Typhoon Fengshen, with maximum gusts of 195 kph (121 mph), has killed at least 85 people in central and southern Philippines, including 59 in Iloilo province, where floodwaters submerged whole communities.


neliaamparo said...

Cora, This picture really made me cry.It broke my heart to see the anguish in the father's face.I could imagine the suffering he had to go through,life is really hard.I was reading the local papers today and i read about the ferry that capsized on its way to Cebu.More than 700 were feared dead and only 38 people survived.It said that the coast guard allowed it to sail inspite of the bad weather.I really don't know what these people were thinking.I have a friend who left for the Phil. yesterday and they are going to Iloilo.I just hope that they are ok,I dreamed about her the other day.Before she left she called me bec. her daughter is getting married in Sept. and she wanted my address.One of the places that was heavily flooded is central Iloilo,I hope that they are far from that place.Let's keep on praying!

C C ramirez said...

It did it to me,too, Nelia. It is crushingly tragic.

Calamities, natural and made-made, rampant government corruption, drugs, violent crimes, soul-destroying poverty, how much more can our country take? When will the suffering of our nation ever end?

I saw on the face of that father the anguished despair of our fatherland. His face said it all. And it broke my heart. If only we had the power to make it right for our nation!

It is not the usual happy, sunny,lighthearted material we love to share with the batch in our blog but sometimes it is needful to look at the darker side of reality. And for someone who had been touched by personal tragedies, you, of all of us, understood that. That photo made me cry too, still does.

Hope all goes well with your friends' trip.