Tuesday, May 13, 2008

San Diego Trip

First of all, Iwould like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Frank and Ditas on behalf of all those who were able to make it during our minireunion here in San Diego,for the wonderful reception that we had.It was so heartwarming,first class service talaga,we were so pampered,naspoiled kami sandali.How I wish everybody was here to share our happiness,sanay maulit muli.We were given the most beautiful rooms ,close to each other on the 9th floor overlooking the ocean,complete with kitchen and everything that goes with it.There's always too much food .May 10th we went to Orion town fiesta,there was so much food and of course litson,which Frank ordered.Mayruon pang DJ at panay old Tagalog songs.The most exciting part was when I joined the contest to dance tinikling,who would think that I would win when I haven't done that for ages.I won $20.00,which I lost when we went to the casino,ok lang we went there to have a good time.We also went to seaport village to have some picturetaking.Maganda sa San Diego at ang lugar na pinuntahan namin ay sa Coronado which is a very high class area. The only thing is pagdating ng paalaman napakalungkot.So,hopefully sa susunod na reunion maging masaya uli tayo.

Salamat Frank and Ditas and to all those who were present lalo na yong mga nageroplano pa.


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Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...


Thanks for posting our minireunion. I really felt great for those wonderful days that we were together again. Napapanaginipan ko pa na nasa San Diego at LA ako. Sabi nga ni Mike hindi ito mababayaran ng salapi. Our batch is our second family. Imagine magkakasama pa tayong nagsimba bago tayo nagkahiwahiwalay at hindi matapos tapos ang paalaman. Ay miss ang mga biro ng bawat isa lalo na pag si Anselmo ang nagbiro. O.k. talk to you in e-mail. Take Care and God Bless.