Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lulubog, Lilitaw - Part 2

Well, as usual, "lumubog" na naman ako for over a month, and "lumitaw" uli ngayon. Oo nga, ang tagal kong nawala sa ating blogspot, sa mga online chats at sa mga email and forwarded message exchanges ng ating batch. Mukhang medyo nabawasan ang cyberspace traffic ano?

So here I am to say SORRY uli. Pasensiya na, I was in Orion from April 9 to May 13, to take care of my ailing father and to give moral support to my mother. What a blessing to be able to do that for Inay and Tatay! They - who showered us with so much love and care since birth. They - who taught us to know right from wrong. They - who worked so hard to make our life very comfortable. They - who struggled to provide for our education. They - who prayed incessantly for our many pursuits and aspirations.

My brothers (Nato and James) and my sisters (Tessie and Edna) were also there in our ancestral home in Wawa to make up for the lost time - for the long stretches of time that we've been away from home. We know we made each other happy, reminiscing our unforgettable childhood and adolescent years, remembering family anecdotes, and sharing hearty laughs over so many "kuwentong-papag" of life in Orion.

Memories of that month stay in Orion keep flashing in my mind, especially so that I'm posting this under a mango tree in our backyard here in Isabel, Leyte. What a beautiful ambience!

Wow! I just got a call from our children - Myra Jo, Marc Hil, MicMac and MonMon. Said they're coming home this weekend to give a surprise birthday party for their Dad! Totoo pala - when you give something, it comes back to you a hundredfold. What I did for Inay and Tatay - our children are doing for us now.

Have to post this now - so I can plan ahead for the 4 M's ( and their loved ones) coming!!!


neliaamparo said...

Dear Jo, so glad to hear from you again,though I'm also sad that your father is sick.How is he doing now?I hope he is getting better.It's good that you and your siblings were able to visit him.I'm sure it made him and your mom so happy.I'm so happy for you for having such a wonderful family,you are so lucky and blessed.Hoping to hear from you again.



josie javier-macalua said...

Nelia dear,
thanks so much for the kind thoughts. for a 91-year old man, tatay is doing fairly well.
i guess you still remember what a big man he was in the 60's, when you and our other batchmates from the nearby barrios would spend the night in our humble home in wawa, after late night school activities. tatay is only about half of his usual size,but his indomitable spirit is still there, amidst lapses in his memory.

yes, inay and tatay were so happy to see all of us together again, albeit for a very limited time. we had quality time, kahit kulang sa quantity.


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Jo, thanks for hearing from you again. Thanks too to our Lord God for the recovery of your Tatay. God is really good all the time.

How's your papers? Regards to the family and take care. Happy Birthday to Pete.

God Bless,