Sunday, February 3, 2008

My stand on Valentines Day.

Dear All, Wether it's paganism or superstition we have to give importance to our hearts.After all,it's the most important part of our body,for without it there's no life.It is the part of our body that supplies blood and oxygen to the diff.organs of our body.As soon as the heart stops pumping,everything stops.We celebrate all kinds of holidays,why not celebrate one thing that gives us life. It is also the most beautiful part of our body because it gives us the feeling to love one another,and for me love is so important for our existence.It can create so many wonders beyond words.I'm not a poet or a writer,it just popped up from my imagination while watching the breath-taking sceneries in our country.So, I have to stop watching for a while and put this in our blog.Happy Valentines Day everybody,let's keep celebrating this very important day.This is what brought us together to have our High School Reunion, "LOVE". I LOVE YOU ALL! P.S. I'd like to remind each one that what everybody is doing for our blog is a labor of love.

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