Monday, February 25, 2008


So sorry guys, I am having problems uploading images, maybe it is a server problem. Mabuti na lang hair trigger si Lucille so nakapag-post kaagad siya ng pictures. Rest assured that I will post more pix soon as I iron out the glitch.

Anyway, after the handover we have a sort of meeting with merienda provided by the GK
caretaker team. as we still have some money left, we decided to go ahead with the painting of the unit. we have to provide the paint which costs around 3.5K and we also have to bring the tools as well as muscle power. We will sked this on a convenient time and I hope our batchmates are good painters.

We also decided to have a pre-mini-reunion on 01March. This will be a dry run for the mini-reunion that will coincide with the one in San Diego. We will iron out the planning on this meeting on 01March., This will also serve as a despidida party for Luna and her husband who will be returning to the US on 06 March. By the way, this meeting will be potluck and I'm dying to sample the various cuisine of our batchmates. Luna of course is providing the lechon, maybe others will prepare some of Annie's recipes? see you later folks!

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Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Thanks for posting those pictures and write-ups regarding handling over batch '63 donation to Gawad Kalinga. I am really proud to be in batch'63. Everybody are so generous financially and physically helping the poor. Hope we can continue our good works helping the poor there in our town. Kung nariyan lang ako tutulong akong magpinta. Madaling magpinta basta may roller at saka hindi naman malaki ang pipintahan. Wala pang isang araw tapos ng batch '63 ang pagpipinta ng isang bahay.

How I wish that we here abroad can join you guys in your mini reunion. Hoy ano ba ang minirienda ninyo on the day of the handover. Ukoy ba, turon o ginatan. Alam ko masasarap ang pagkain diyan sa atin. Nakakagutom naman kayo.

We here are also excited in our coming mini reunion at San Diego. Frank is working out our stay in Navy Lodge and our dinner the night of May 10 after attending that Orion town Fiesta Celebration the day of May 10. Mike also contacted Eya and she is also attending. We will keep on updating you guys our activities here. Hope those with visa can join us.

Regards to all. Miss you guys. We love you.