Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Batchmates Update

Aida is back home from her long sojourn in England.

Emma had just had her cataract operation. She and fellow retiree, Fely, had been recently farewelled by their school colleagues.

Siony is soon off to join her husband in Dubai and will be away till the end of the year.

Josie has not been heard from for nearly two months now. We are all hoping she is well.


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Ms. Orionjri, Thanks again for your update regarding some of our batchmates. Aida, welcome home. Emma, may you feel the healing hand of our Lord God and for Siony, ENJOY and be safe. I am also wondering why Josie is not sending e-mail or not giving any comments in our blog which is very unusual. I keep on receiving forwarded e-mails from her but no response to all my plea to e-mail me. The last time I talked to her through phone, she said her PC is out of order and not planning to buy a new one as she is migrating to U.S. at most will be next year. She is busy preparing all the documents needed by U.S. Embassy and busy too disposing some of her stuff and of course busy in the activities of their organization in their community.

ErnestoDR said...

I can only understand this to mean that we will hear from them, right?
Pag hindi, sila ay ........... hmmm
(hindi nagbabasa)