Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some Updates About the Golden Anniversary of Batch'63

              Time has really flown by so fast... next year, 2013 , JRI Orion Batch 1963 will celebrate a very special milestone. Yep that is right, the Golden Anniversary of our graduation . We have traveled that far since accepting our high school diplomas.

              Preparations for this reunion are being undertaken , the date had been set ; May 9-11 2013 , we have still more than a year to do the various pre reunion activities,so batchmates,please pin those dates in your 2013 calendar , and be sure to be home .Don't miss the opportunity to come.As the previous big reunions in 2007 and 2010 had proven, this one will be a great time for reaching out and reconnecting with our classmates . For those who haven't been in the loop for quite a time, I am sure you will enjoy .

              Please provide us with your latest information and any contact details of other batchmates who were not able to attend the previous gatherings.Please comment/give your suggestions on the proposed activities:

     Day 1        Picnic  ( Venue to be determined yet)
     Day 2        Dinner Dance
     Day 3        Community Service

             Contact the following for any information :

*     Rollie San Jose
   Email Mobile :+639065736681
*    Belen Buenaventura Almazan   +639173667848
*Emma Rodriguez Magpoc            +639272315162
*Luz Quicho, +639178343272

* Mike Cruz, Nelia Amparo, Pilar Villegas Cuevas, Josefina Javier Macalua  for those who are in the

Start spreading the's the 50th reunion of JRI Batch 1963 !

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