Monday, March 26, 2012

Bonding Time with Batchmates

Well, well, well, it's bonding time again with the four of us. We met at the residence of Josie's brother in Oxnard, California March 23. You bet ,we lost count of the time  because we enjoyed the food  and the life updates we shared. Laughter filled the dining hall and we even called up Julie to get updates back home. Nelia and Fely travelled a long way back to Long Beach and Alta Loma after our never ending fun savoring the food, pancit Malabon, bibingka turon, puto bumbong of Nelia, Thai recipes of Josie and desserts by Fely. No wonder, next reunion they will treat you all with their culinary hits. 


neliaamparo said...

Wow Luz,ang bilis mong mag post,gaganda natin ano?

lucille said...

Yes Nel gumaganda lalo dahil masaya tayo, ha ha ha!