Saturday, October 2, 2010

new update on Meling

Hello everyone,good day!

Today is Meling's 5th day of surgery and although a bit confused ,I really think it's bec. of the effect of anaesthesia,he is slowly but surely on his way to recovery.It's my day off today so I had a chance to stay with him a little longer.Fely was not in the hospital today bec. of backpain probably from not being able to sleep on a bed the last couple of days.It's good that she was able to rest today.The dialysis machine was taken off today and later on they will decide if it will be done regularly,I think depending on how well his kidney is functioning.He is able to sit up now and tomorrow the therapist will try to make him walk.He was complaining of pain still but the wound has already dried up.Ngawit na ngawit na raw siya,gusto nang lumabas,palagay ko pag pinalakad ito bukas baka tumakbo, to show them that he can go home already,malakas naman siya at malakas nang kumain.

This is all for now my folks,till I have some fresh updates again.Take care everybody.

By the way Luz,thanks for posting our B'days,nadagdagan na naman ng isang taon.May kanta ako for this year by the Beatles,Will you still love me when I'm 64.


lucille said...

Nelia, knowing that Meling is recovering fast is really good news. Thanks for the update.
Of course my dear,many will still love you despite the years. Count your blessings and not your tears.
Enkoy life and be thankful for all God's blessings.

neliaamparo said...

Luz,kanina dumaan ako kay Meling,naandoon si Felymsa bahay sana matutulog pero hindi niya maiwan si Meling.kaninang tanghali,dumating sina Zeny and family,Pumunta rin si James yung kapatid ni Jo na nasa Corona.Ang daming nilutong pagkain ni Zeny,ipinadala naman lahat sa akin ni Fely dahil wala siyang paglalagyan sa hosp.Pinalakad na kanina si Meling,sabi ni Fely ay mabilis na raw lumakad,malakas talaga si Meling,kaya lang medyo disoriented pa at saka tumataas ang blood sugar,side effect nung mga gamot na ibinigay sa kanya.Ayaw pa rin siyang pakainin ng mga pagkain na galing sa labas,panay hosp food pa rin ang kinakain niya.

I know you guys will still love me no matter how old I am as I love you guys.Tama ang sabi mo Luz count our blessings and be thankful,we are blessed.

jriclass1963 said...

many thanks to Luz and Nelia for the concerns that they have shown toward Meling. I wish I could do the same but although physically I can't, deep in my heart, I do wish for the speedy recovery of Meling and hopefully, can join us on our 2013 reunion. Forgive me for being amiss nowadays but let me tell you folks that I do miss you all! Blow out naman sa mga celebrant for this month( and the past month). As Paul Mc Cartney sang.: Will you still love me, will you still feed me; when I'm 64! Love you all, Rolly

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Nelia, we thank you again for your update regarding Meling and Fely. I was able to talk to Fely last night Oct. 3 and to Meling too. Let us continue praying for them. They really need our prayer. Come on Rolly here in Baltimore and I will treat you and Lita. How about you Nelia come join with us. Happy birthday on the 15th and to Amory, Rizalina and Ruben, Happy birthday too. Stay healthy and let us meet again in 2013. Take care and God Bless.

C C ramirez said...

On behalf of the rest of the family, our sincerest thanks to all those who have prayed and sent getwell messages to Fely and Meling. Very special thanks to Nelia for all her efforts and for the updates.

Had only just returned from a church conference in country South Australia and was unaware of the situation till now. It is regrettable that we live so far from Fely and Melanio to be of any physical assistance. It is therefore so comforting to know that the Batch care and concern can reach out to them when they most need it. To all of you, Thanks very much.

To Fely, hang in there and be strong. We are only a few keyboard or dial clicks away, if there is anything we can do for you.

neliaamparo said...

I just want to let you know guys that what I'm doing for Meling and Fely comes from the deepest part of my heart and I'm so happy that I could be of some help to them in my own little ways.As of today,Meling is recovering very well according to the heart surgeon.Fely was able to talk to him,so as the rest of the doctors.Medyo nababawasan na ang pagka disorriented ni Meling,although alam pala niya ang mga sinabi niya,maraming kuwento si Fely,mostly nakakatawa.Isa na yung sinabi na pumunta raw sila ni pari Marquez sa Sto.Domingo,tapos later on ang tawag na kay pari Marquez ay Mr. Marquez,tapos Dr. Marquez.Tapos nung isan araw sabi kay Fely ay inilagay daw siya sa bartolina,pinapatay daw siya.Nagmamakaawa sa akin na ilabas ko na raw siya at nasindikato raw kami.Araw araw iba iba ang mood niya,expected naman pala ang mga ganitong side effect depende sa katawan,nashock kasi ang katawan ni Meling dahil ngayon lang nahospital.Kanina naman nagmamakaawa kay Fely na huwag umalis,dito sana uli matutulog yun,siguro bukas na uli.

Rolly,I can treat you anytime,with the barkada if only you have a chance,I always enjoy your company guys.

Cora,I'm glad to hear from you again,Fely mentioned to me that you have some commitments with your church.By the way,Fely told me that Charina's baby is very cute,kaya lang hindi ko pa sila nakikita,I wish I could meet them someday.

So,this is all for now,nobela na yata ito.Pilar,happy B'day din,baka magcelebrate kayo riyan nina Rolly,pareng Mike and hopefully Eddie and Annie.Happy B'day din kina Amore,Lino and Ruben.