Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meling is going home tomorrow.

I'm supposed to be sleeping now bec. I have to work early tomorrow but I'm so excited to tell you that Meling is going home tomorrow.He is so excited too.I came by to see them on my home and that's when I got the good news.Another good news is that he may not have to be on dialysis since his kidney function is improving.The doctor said he just have to change his life style,ingat sa pagkain,which is kaya naman daw niyang gawin.It's much better than having dialysis.

So,after 12 days since he got admitted in ER he is finally going home.Tatakbo na raw siya.The doctor was really impressed by his fast recovery,thank you daw uli for all the prayers.Let us continue to pray that he will not undergo dialysis anymore.

So long folks.Tell I have another story to tell.Love you all.

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