Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Own Facebook scene

JriOrionBatch Nineteensixtythree

We have created a Facebook page for the Batchmates to visit whenever we feel like sharing a moment of our very busy daily life or to know the latest about our batch.

Invitations have been sent to those whose email addresses are available to me. Please accept the invitation and share your tweets, chats, goss, tiddly bits, snapshots and whatever you wish to share with the rest of us.

If you have not received an invitation it is most likely because we do not have your email address, so if you wish to join this scene, please let our indefatigable blog admin, Lucila, know.

Have a nice day.


lucille said...

Cora ,

I got my invitation and had sent suggestions to add our own Facebook page in the list of friends. I have sent 12 batchmates who have their own Facebook account.

Facebook is another venue for us to communicate. And here is an update. Today is Emma's birthday and we are invited so it will turn out as another batchmate activity since she requested that we wear our red T shirt. Annie and Eddie will be around.

neliaamparo said...

I got the invitation too,thank you.I also got an invitatyon from Lagrimas and she already sent me a message.Ifound out that everybody will be at Emma's b'day party.You guys have a good time.I'm going to miss the fun,I'll just pretend I'm celebrating with you.Please send my b'day wishes to Emma and my regards to everybody.
I miss you all.

C C ramirez said...

Good on you, Luz. I just hope that through Facebook more of our batchmates will find it easier to share their happenings with the rest of us. Hopefully we will not now neglect our blogsite which serves as a more expansive bulletin of our journey as a batch.

These next three years we have a duty to stoke the fires of our golden reunion fervour. We must make this Golden Jubilee the most unforgettable ever, or at least until our Diamond Anniversary.

We've got the blogsite. We have the Facebook chat page, then the mini reunions and the tools of cyberspace. We can only disconnect from the rest by pure intent, in which case, we become the poorer for having missed out on the precious friendship of an incomparable batch.

Let's pull together.

JoGJMac( said...

Congratulations, MY FRIEND, MS. ORIONJRI!

The Facebook account that you created for our batch, is another proof of your BB, na hinahangaan naming lahat. You are really a BB combined.

We have the blogsite, the Facebook account and the Bingo sessions, Pag di pa naman natin na-achieve ang 90% attendance sa 2013 Golden Jubilee natin, ewan ko na lang.

I miss you!

neliaamparo said...

We haven't even done the golden yet and we're talking about diamond already,we may be in the cyber space by that time already,he,he,he.Thanks miss cora for a very wnoderful job.As you can see,you're already reaping the fruits of your labor.Everybody is enjoying and sharing all the good things that we derive from this blogsite,facebook site,you name it.What are we gonna do without all these,we may all be staring in space,imagining.But,you can count on us,we can pull this together.