Friday, February 12, 2010

Guessing Game

Can you guess whose heads are featured in this photo? Some heads display graying hairs, all white hair and one is black . During one of the gatherings , Mok suggested that on the Golden Reunion in 2013 batch mates who will dye their hair will be asked to give a fine . What do you say?


orionjri said...


Mok should be heavily fined for even suggesting "that'! How outrageous! What, us look like centenarians rather than "young once"? What would he suggest next? Leave our multifocals, girdles, suspenders or whatever holds up our woefully sagging bits, even "diapers" and dentures at home?

Just imagine it, the mass of greytopped gereatrics, grinding away at MaskiPops, dragging chins, bellies and butts which have surrendered to gravity, across the dancefloor!

That will be tragecomic!

Hey, McCoy and FPJ died with their "natural colours" intact. If it is good enough for them, shouldn't it be so for the best and most enduring Batch ever?

We should start a project to ensure that Mok gets a proper dye job for the reunion. Hmm, he would definitely look more smashing than he is already, with honeyblond top. Would be in keeping with the golden hue of the jubilee.

As you asked: What do you, batchers, say?

neliaamparo said...

I already told them when Mok made the suggestion.I rather pay the 5,000 pesos fine than go along with Mok.In that case we will have a very bonga golden reunion.Can you imagine how many 5,000 pesos we can collect from those who don't want to go along with Mok?We can even go outside the country for our reunion of the century.