Friday, January 2, 2009

Updates about the Holiday Gatherings

The long holidays afforded Batch'63 some time to have mini gatherings.After the lunch tendered by Nelia last December 20, around 22 of us enjoyed the picnic at an inland resort in Limay,December 30. We happily regrouped,exchanged updates about work,family and current developments.There were discussions about the financial crisis and of course videoke singing,games, jokes and funny antics which keep us laughing . We were so happy to have Frank Herilla around.He is spending the holidays here. As usual the food brought by each one of us were overflowing so everyone has a pabitbit .

Rollie brought his Laptop so we can view the photos taken at Tuding's wedding anniversary,the lunch with Nelia and the picnic itself. Rollie promised to have all these photos and videos recorded in CD and be posted in the blog.It is just unfortunate my PC at home takes too long to upload photos.You will really enjoy seeing the action .

We also had a short meeting there,some initial suggestions and
activities for the 2010 Reunion of the Decade . I will be posting them in another blog and seek your suggestions too. This evening, we will again be at Nelia's Place. Just wait for Nelia's postings about the places we visited on New Year's day in Orion .

Happy New Year to all !


orionjri said...

Please don't take too long to post those photos. We are drooling with anticipation.

neliaamparo said...

one more week and I'll be back to US,Then I can download those pics in my laptop and post them in our blog.I have a lot more pics to post.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Luz, thanks again for the update. We are excited to see those photos.