Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pre-Planning of 2010 Reunion of the Decade

You all know that the Calendar of Batch’63 were painted red because of the various gatherings late December 2008 and early January 2009 . These get togethers also served as forum for the pre planning of the 2010 reunion .

1.December 20 Nelia tendered dinner at Louis Restaurant
2.December 28 Tuding Mariano Gamboa’s Ruby Wedding Anniversary
attended by Nelia, Violeta ,Rollie and me .
3.December 30 Picnic at Manansala Farm Resort attended by 21 Batch mates
the two Balikbayans Nelia and Frank
4.Jan 1 2009 Emma’s 34th Wedding Anniversary. Julie Nelia and me were around
5 Jan.2 2009 Dinner at Nelia’s Place. Around 16 batch mates were present .
No videoke singing this time as we were focused listening to stories, and jokes of almost everyone.
6.Jan 11,2009 Despedida of Nelia .Only 10 were there.

The photos and videos of these events are with Nelia. For two days I was trying to upload the videos but the size was too large, I was advised to have them reduced. Rollie will take care of the uploading as we wish to share the fun with you guys.

I am happy to tell you that I have printed the 2007 and 2008 blogs from our site and have 4 volumes which the group, especially those who have no access to the computer enjoyed reading during our past gatherings.

I am also sharing the suggested activities for the 2010 Reunion of the Decade as discussed during the meeting at our picnic. The activities will be scheduled .

-Picnic with batch mates and families(resort in Bataan)
-Overnight out of town trip (batch mates only Villa Escudero,Tagaytay)
-Formal Affair Dinner dance , (hotel in Subic)

These are all suggestions. Committees will be created to take charge of the various tasks. Send your suggestions thru the blog so we can draft the program and the tasks to be undertaken for final approval of Pres Mike.


Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...


You are so great updating batchmates 63 of all the happening there in the Philippines last December and January. Excited to see all photos. Hope Rollie can post soon. I will go for all of the suggestions. Sunod lang ako sa agos. See you soon. Love and miss you all.


Emma Magpoc said...