Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Outing

At the wake of Ursulo last Friday evening,a plan to have a small gathering was hatched. There were 12 of us there, Rollie,Armando,Rosa ,Perlita, Luz Saul, Belen, Mercy, Minervina, Adoring Violeta, me and Nelia. At the request of Nelia, a picnic was planned to be held on Dec. 30 in Duale , Limay. We will inform our batch mates in Orion and those residing in Manila.

We also informed the group that Tuding Mariano Gamboa is inviting us to attend their renewal of vows ,40th Wedding Anniversary. If a good number will be attending,we will rent a vehicle and attend the affair on Dec. 28 in Paranaque.
I will post updates regarding these gatherings.


ErnestoDR said...

Please convey my warm congratulations to Tuding, my not-too-distant neighbor in BF Paranaque. I wish her another 40 years of blissful married life!

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

How I wish I will be there with bathmates on Tudings 40th wedding anniversary. Send my warmest congratulations to her and husband. Send also my regards to all batchmates and enjoy your holiday outing. Tell Nelia I miss her daily e-mails. Take care and God Bless. I love you all. Miss you.

lucille said...

Last Saturday, Dec. 20 Nelia tendered a sumptuous lunch at Louis restaurant in Balanga. There were 16 of us who attended the gathering. We discussed the plans for the upcoming wedding of Tuding and the outing on Dec.30. I took pictures of the event unfortunately, the shots I took were deleted .
Nelia also took photos and she will post them in the blog when she returns to US .Only Rolly, Violeta, Nelia and me are attending Tuding's wedding.

A Blessed Christmas and a Happy New year to all !!

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Luz, thanks again for the update. May you all have a blessed New year. Love you all. Regards to batchmates.