Sunday, December 7, 2008

About Ursulo

Ursulo is presently confined at the ICU of St. Michael Hospital here in Orion for Pneumonia and Renal failure. We, Belen,Perlita ,Luz Torres and me went there this afternoon but we just peeped in his room. No visitor is allowed. He is conscious, but his only response according to the nurse is just opening his eyes . His condition is quite serious so please offer prayers for him .


orionjri said...

Our fervent prayers for Ursulo. A part of the batch is ailing and the rest of us collectively feel the pain. Our thoughts are also with his family who are suffering the most.

Thank you Luz for sharing this information with us. Please keep us posted.

Emma Magpoc said...

I was trying to catch up with the group yesterday but you were not there already according to Belen.Actually last Sunday ko pa nalaman ang tungkol kay ursulo but naging very hectic ang week ko,going to Manila,na hospitalized din ang dennis the menace kong apo nabarog and had to be observed and then we have to keep watch and provide the needs of my eldest apo who joined a boy scout camping.
I will give time to visit him and pray for him.
Luz,wanted ka ni ate gloria dahil sa sinulat mo sa blog tungkol sa ukoy niya.Takot daw siya dahil may titingin tingin sa kanya at nang lapitan siya tinanong siya kung siya yung gloria na binabanggit sa blog natin
Ayaw ba niya noon libre ang ad niya sa computer pa he he.

lucille said...


Alam ni Ate Gloria na isusulat ko yon sa blog...binigyan ko pa nga siya ng copy ng blog .

Sandali lang kami sa hospital,kasi may procedure na ginagawa kay Kuya Ursing. Si Rolly naman di na nakasama dahil may trangkaso siya,same with Julie masama ang pakiramdam.

Mike said...

Thank you Luz for the update regarding Ursulo. Totoong mabigat ang kanyang dinaranas na sakit at kailangan talaga na maisama siya sa ating mga prayers gayundin ang kanyang pamilya na dumaranas ng paghihirap ng kalooban dahil sa kalagayan ni Ursulo.

Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Luz, thank you so much for letting us know the situation of Ursulo. Let us include him in our daily prayers same with his family who most feel the pain. May Ursulo feels the healing hand of our Lord God.

ErnestoDR said...

God knows what is best for Ursulo. We just pray for strength of mind and spirit that we accept whatever is the will of the Lord is for him!Ursulo, may you experience God's loving presence!