Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is This For Real?

Briton locked up for adultery flees Philippines with baby daughter
Briton facing jail 'flees Philippines'

A British man who was facing jail in the Philippines for adultery has reportedly fled the country.

David Scott, 36, a plasterer from Swindon, was remanded in custody last year with his married girlfriend Cynthia Delfino, 29, who has since given birth to his child.

They were being held for adultery, an offence which can carry a seven-year prison term in the devoutly Catholic Philippines.

Officials reportedly told the couple their daughter Janina must be handed over to Cynthia's estranged husband, Noriel Delfino. Legally the child was his (Noriel's) as she was born before his marriage was annulled.

Mr Delfino, who split from his wife several years ago, called the police after she refused to pay him £7,000 for the "loss of face" he suffered after he discovered she was dating a foreigner.

Having spent New Year in jail, they were granted bail after giving Filipino officials a £1,000 bribe. Janina was born weeks later.

Recalling his ordeal, Mr Scott said: “They charged us and put us in a large cell with scores of others. It was filthy and rats would come and go as they pleased.

“Three days later we were eventually offered bail of about £150, but we had to pay over £1,000 under the table just to get it. I could see this case was not about right or wrong. It was about who could make money. As soon as we got out of sight we just ran.”

Could it be a new money-spinning industry being set up by the clones of the morally defunct leaders of the country? If it were, wow! what a brilliant idea! After all there won't be a shortage of offenders to fleece there. Just check out the latest gossips about politicians and entertainers. Beats mining oil or gold.

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