Friday, April 11, 2008

6 Pursuits of Happiness

Why are more and more people suffering from depression, anxiety and discontentment? Reasons vary from person to person, of course, but there are some key factors to look into when examining one's own happiness.
According to, there is no surefire formula to happiness, but there are a few steps that one could take toward pursuing a life of happiness.

• REALIZE THAT ENDURING HAPPINESS DOESN'T COME FROM 'MAKING IT. Short-term happiness differs from long-term, enduring happiness. Much like the elation we get from accomplishing a feat, short-term happiness is brief. The goal here is to obtain long-term happiness, not simply a happiness high that comes from "making it."

• SAVOR THE MOMENT. I believe it was the great John Lennon who said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." Think about it, how true is this? Many times we are having a great time with friends or family but we are hardly even recognizing it because we are thinking about what we have to do tomorrow. Learn to take each moment by itself and enjoy it!

• TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR TIME. By managing your time efficiently you will find that you have more time and energy to do things that you enjoy. Plan with your friends ahead of time. For instance, make a plan that every Tuesday you and your friends head to the park for a walk or watch a certain TV program.
Learn to cherish this time, take a moment to enjoy this tradition with your friend. You will feel good about yourself and good that you have stuck to this commitment.

• SEEK WORK AND LEISURE THAT ENGAGES YOUR SKILLS. Why live an unchallenged life? Find little challenges for yourself, whether it be focused on academics, health or family. If you find it hard to go it alone, have a friend join you in the challenge, suddenly you will find some more motivation!

• JOIN THE MOVEMENT MOVEMENT. Studies overwhelmingly show that exercise promotes happiness. People who are physically fit are shown to have increased self-esteem, less anxiety and more energy. The hardest part about the gym is getting there! So grab a buddy and go, gym buddies are a great asset to your diet and health plan. Leave all excuses behind and get moving.

• GIVE PRIORITY TO CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS. There isn't a better antidote for sadness than time with intimate friends. People who can name several close, supportive friends with whom they freely share their ups and downs live with greater health and happiness. Our increasingly individualistic society suffers from impoverished social connections, which some psychologists believe is a cause of today's epidemic levels of depression."
Whether it is with your childhood friend, your spouse or simply a neighbor, a get-together or chat can be refreshing.

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