Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Prayer

A prayer for children taken from SIMPLE PRAYERS for Busy People. 2004 Springs Foundation,Inc.


Lord Jesus, bless and protect my dear children.

Keep them safe from all harm and danger, sickness and disease.

Preserve and strengthen them from the corrupting influences of the world, and deliver them from the secret snares of the enemy.

Give them godly friends and holy company, who will encourage and inspire them to a life of purity and selflessness.

May they have a listening ear to parental instruction, and develop in them virtues such as diligence, kindness, honesty, compassion, patience, obedience and self-control.

Lord God, I commend my children to Your care.

Pour Your grace upon their hearts and multiply in them the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Let them grow in wisdom and in favor with You, and raise them up to be God-fearing and holy, faithfully serving You throughout their lives. Amen.

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Pilar Villegas Cuevas said...

Luz thanks for those tips in reducing stress. I thought stress and depression only applied for the Americans and not for us Pilipinos. What I know is that we are brave and strong and can handle everything in life with the grace from Our Lord God.