Thursday, January 17, 2008

A falling star.

Have you ever seen a falling star so close you could actually see the colors?Last night on my way home from work at 1120 pm , while Iwas driving on the freeway ,I saw a falling star so close that it seemed like only a few meters from my windshield.It lasted long enough to enjoy watching it and to make a wish.Guess what my wish was?My wish was that I win the lotto so we can donate more homes to GK and buy some land so that they can plant fruits and vegetables for their livelyhood.And then we could charter that beautiful luxury cruise ship I sent in the email and travel around the world. I guess that's too much wishful thinking.But then again I never imagined that falling stars have colors,more beautiful than the colors of the rainbow.For me it's a new discovery so unique and beautiful and I wish you could see it too.

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