Saturday, June 1, 2013

Goodbye! For now.............

T o my dear classmates,

I'm leaving for the US on June 6th.I don't know if I will have a chance to see you before I leave.But before I go I would like to thank each and everyone who made this very memorable Golden Reunion a very successful event,something that we will cherish and remember for the rest of our lives.I can never express in mere words the happiness that I have experienced during those few days that we were together.Those feelings will linger for a long long time.One thing for sure when I get back to the US I will experience a great feeling of emptiness,as Fred was saying,we will be looking up for a while reminiscing about the good times we spent together.I already know what to do,that's the reason why I always have my camera and my video.I wish we could do this every year for as long as we live.Doing this make us feel we were still in high school,we feel so carefree and so young even though we can already feel the aches and pains in our body.

For our classmates who were not able to make it this time because of very important reasons,I wish they could come next time.I know that even though you were not here physically,your hearts were with us during this Golden Reunion.I hope the pictures that Luz posted in our blog will give you an idea how it was.Luz thank you for being so patient in sharing those pictures with us.Emma and Fred,thank you so much for letting us use Araro as a venue,you have a very beautiful place.Thank you for all the gifts and all the love that everybody has given us balikbayans,those will never be forgotten.A big thanks also for those who have  given us rides,otherwise we will be riding tricycles to get around.I am so overwhelmed by the way we were welcomed by everybody.

So long my friends,till we met againTake good care of yourselves so we can see each other again.God bless us all.

I love you all.

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