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Highlights of the Batch Meeting

Highlights of Meeting

A . Date : May 17-19 , 2013
 B.Activities :
Day 1
*Thanksgiving Mass---- St. Michael’s Parish Church , Orion
*  Outdoor Fun/ Batch Picnic ---   Francesca’s Inland Resort , Orion
       ** Lunch
      ** Games
Day 2
*Gift Giving----School bags with school supplies to pre-selected school children from a poor barangay previously identified in coordination with barangay officials.
* Dinner Dance/ Hawaiian Night

Day 3 --- Free Activities
     Activities may include visits to nearby tourist destinations , small group gatherings which may be sponsored by groups , and other events .

C . Attire
    Picnic—Gold T-Shirt – To be provided by the committee or sponsored by a group of batchmates.
    Hawaiian Night – Hawaiian costume

D. Food --- Filipino food
      There was a suggestion from those in the US that during the picnic, we will not get a caterer instead the suggested food will be assigned by groups who will take charge of the preparation,  PotLuck style, however funds will come from the collection.
          Boiled Vegetables and bagoong, halabos na hipon, adobong posit,alimasag, inihaw na bangus, pritong tilapia, paksiw na darapa,tuyong udyong, tinapang alugasin/tunsoy/lapad, bagoong na isda halubaybay,/ /itlog ng alugasin,itlog maalat, sinigang na baboy,  okoy ,ginataang kamansi /laing. Inarnibalang  saging na saba,manggang mura with inabagoongan, ilada, halo –halo , bibingka  at iba pang kalamay fruits in season .

The next meeting was scheduled September 7 and the snacks will be sponsored by the September birthday celebrators. Please send your comments and suggestions.

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