Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mini mini reunion with Pilar,just the 2 of us,Pico Rivera,Ca.


neliaamparo said...

I went to Pico Rivera yesterday to meet with Pilar.She came here for the viewing of Rosa's mother in San Diego. But she stayed with her cousin in Pico Rivera. Although we were together for only 1 1/2 hours because I have to go to work, we had a really good time. We talked a little bit about the coming reunion and offered some suggestions on the date. She mentioned that Eddie and Annie are going home in Feb 2013 because Eddie has a golden reunion also in high school.So it is very unlikely that they they will come back in May for our reunion. And I think Luna has a hard time coming home home in May because of the weather. So just a humble suggestion,if you're going to have a meeting ,Luz can you please mention this to the rest. Pilar also mentioned that Rosa's mother will arrive on Friday in Orion.

Isiningit ko lang yung kuha ko sa The Beach Boys Concert last June 3.It's their come back after 50 years. We had so much fun,they are really good.

lucille said...

Yes , Nelia .We have not scheduled a meeting yet. We will be at the wake of Rosa's mother tomorrow afternoon.
Am glad you had a great time with Pilar.

JoGJMac( said...

naku, anong dates na kaya ang golden reunion natin?
i just told peter to cancel
our booking for christmas,
para makauwi talaga kami sa may for our reunion.

nakakainggit naman kayo!
wish i were there, too!
kaso mo napakalayo
talaga namin!

kung nandiyan ako, Nel,
lagi mo akong makakasama
sa mga concerts. mahiig
rin ako sa mga concerts,
lalo na ang mga oldies.