Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trip to Coronado Beach

Last Friday I took a day off and headed to the beach with Michael and my brother,Fred.We went to Coronado Beach in San Diego which according to the travel channel is one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in Southern California,in fact the number one which I agree.We were not able to go to this beach when we had our reunion in San Diego because our time was very limited,it was very close to the hotel where we stayed,where Frank works as a manager.I would like to share with you some of the pictures,you may ignore my picture,just look at the background.But being away from work even for one day is very relaxing,we just ate and walked along the beach until the sunset.


lucille said...

Nelia, it is good to take time out from work so you won't get burned out. I love the gives me a relaxing feeling just watching the sea.
Nice pictures.%Thanks for posting. take care ,I miss you!

neliaamparo said...

Luz,it's a pleasure to share some of my rare adventures with you guys.we have the same feeling about gives you so much tranquility which is impossible to find in the busy world we live in.and thanks for posting the greetings for gail's baby,that was cute.I miss you guys also,take care