Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Orion hosts P21-billion power plant

Batch mates , I am sharing this news from the Manila Standard Today newspaper July 19, 2011 edition.

by Butch Gunio

ORION, Bataan—-A firm is putting up a P21-billion power plant using American steam technology in processing garbage to generate electricity.

Mayor Jose “Pepe” Santos led the cornerstone laying joined by Nasir Dharan Jama, of the international bankers along with Jose Utrillo, president and chief executive of the Concord Pacific Investment Holdings Ltd. Inc., a group of contractors, and local and village executives.

Utrillo said the plant will be the first of its kind in the country to produce steam from waste to turn turbines to produce electricity.

“This is an American technology. It will take at least 17 months to complete its construction,” Utrillo said.

In his remarks, he assured Santos that the townsfolk would be the main beneficiaries of the $500-million project in terms of thousands of jobs to be opened and a local supply of power at subsidized cost.

Utrillo said the daily 200 metric tons of waste collected would generate 12.8 megawatt electricity that would meet demand of 50 percent of the Bataan province.

He said the technology answered not only the power needs of households, business and industry but also in helping solve the problem of waste disposal.

“We accepted and approved to host the project since this is environment-friendly, no gas emission, and no air and water pollution,” said Santos, who commended the foreign firms for investing in the town.

Concord Pacific has acquired a 100-hectare property in upland Sitio Pita, Barangay Daan Pare, to be the site of the power plant complex that will include housing, hospital, and a leisure center.

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ErnestoDR said...

The project seems very worthwhile and beneficial not only to people of Orion but the neighboring towns.
I hope the country does not dump its waste in Orion and make it the next "Smoky Mountain" that reeked with filth and dirt, and foul odor that one can smell kilometers away.
I wish we could still smell the aroma of newly baked pan de sal and tinapang alugasin of Orion!